Senior Account Bookkeeper/Treasury

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Benefits: $22.91/ hour. Full medical, dental, and optical. Harrison Township offers a defined benefit plan.  The Senior Account Bookkeeper position is part of a collective bargaining agreement. 


General Statement of Duties: Under an on-the-job training program with close
supervision, performs a variety of unskilled manual tasks involving construction,
maintenance, and repair of the Township water, sewer and storm sewer systems. Performs
related work as required.

Supervision Received: Work is performed within established departmental guidelines
under the supervision of Department Head, Foreman or an Employee of higher grade who
assigns work and checks for proper performance of duties.

Examples of Duties: The following are typical examples, but not limited to, types of work
assignments for the position.
1. Repairs water and sewer system failures by digging, lifting, chipping, operating
equipment, backfilling, pouring cement, site restoration after finishing repair.
2. Install and maintain water services, and other appurtenances such as valves, hydrants,
pumps etc.
3. Install, repair, test, and read water meters.
4. Operate machinery such as backhoes, trucks, sewer cleaners and a variety of power
hand tools. Plow snow and harvest seaweed.
5. Lift and move a variety of objects including furniture, sandbags, snow, pipes and
6. Perform landscaping duties as required. Set up parks for summer and close them for
7. Participate in emergency standby.
8. Operate, maintain and repair lift stations.
9. Discharges other related duties within the Employee’s Department, as assigned: (a)
which member(s) of the classification have performed in the past, or (b) which are
required to meet emergencies, or (c) which are required to provide necessary services
when other Employees are absent or not available, or (d) which involve the use of new
equipment, procedures or techniques in the performance of such duties.

Minimum Entrance Requirements: 

  • Must possess a Class A Commercial Drivers License within probationary period.
  • Mechanical aptitude.
  • Ability to understand and follow written and oral instructions.
  • Ability to perform heavy physical labor in all types of weather and under adverse
    conditions for extended periods of time.

Benefits: Starting at $21.70. This position also offers full medical, dental, and optical. Harrison Township offers a defined benefit plan. This position is part of the collective bargaining agreement. 


Park Closer

Are you looking for a little extra cash? Harrison Township is looking for part time help. We are looking for one or two individuals who are willing to close Waterfront Park in the evening. We will pay a daily stipend for closing and locking the gate at dusk. We are also looking for a part-time maintenance worker. This position involves approximately four hours every morning, Monday through Friday, and is perfect for someone who is recently retired.

 Part - Time General Maintenance

Harrison Township is looking for a part-time general maintenance or Custodian worker. 

General Duties:
Maintain Harrison Township buildings and ground.
Maintain parks and Freedom Trail through the township.
Performs cleaning functions specific to the assigned facilities and/or based on seasonal/project requirements.
Performs general repairs that do not require a specialized technician. Examples may include repairing drywall, painting, and repairing doors and other building fixtures.
Performs routine maintenance on building systems.

Ability to follow instructions from supervisor. 
General aptitude with basic tools for general repairs. 
Capability to withstand long periods of time standing or walking. 

Benefits: $13-16 per hour. 

Interested parties should fill out the application below and return to the Supervisors Office. 

Please email application, resume, and cover letter to jaragona@harrison-township.org 

Fillable Application for Employment

Application for Employment