Election Commission

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Establishing the boundaries and determining the size of the township precincts, depending on the voting equipment used MCLS 168.658 and 168.661
  • Assessing the township's voting equipment needs and recommending voting equipment to the township board MCL 168.670
  • Printing and proofing ballots and furnishing election supplies for elections not held in conjunction with state or county elections MCL 168.670
  • Supplying programming information for the township punch card or electronic voting machines MCL 168.795b
  • Testing township punch card or electronic voting machine programs in preliminary and public accuracy tests MCL 168.798
  • Appoint three or more election inspectors per precinct for every election, which can now include a qualified seventeen year old person MCL168.674
  • Designating the chairperson of the election inspectors MCL 168.74
  • Establishing precinct absent voter counting bonds in the townships with more than two precincts using voting machines or in townships using paper and punch card machines that choose to establish an absent voter counting board MCL 168.792

 Adam Wit 
 David Bratto 
 Brian Batkins

Mr. Wit serves as Chair of the Commission and Members serve a four year term.