Applications / Forms

Building & Zoning Permit
Building Department Fee Schedule
Electrical Permit
Mechanical Permit
Plumbing Permit
Address Assignment Application
Affidavit of Compliance Responsibility
Backfill Certificate
Backflow Preventer Test Report
Building Board of Appeals Application
Complaint Form 
Contractor / Licensee Registration 
Easement Affidavit Letter for Permit
Impervious Surface Calculation Worksheet
Lot Coverage Calculation Worksheet
Liquor License Inspection Application
Mobile Home Inspection Checklist
Request for Permit Extension
Tips to Choose a Contractor
Vacant Property Registration

Check List for New Construction or Additions
Deck Plan Review
Shed Plan Review
Fence Plan Review
Impervious Surface Review
Detached Accessory Structure Plan Review Submittal Requirements
Waterfront Construction Plan Review Submittal Requirements 
Porch Plan Review Submittal Requirements
Swimming Pool Submittal Requirements

** Some PERMIT APPLICATION FORMS contain zoning ordinance information that may be INCORRECT due to the adoption of a new zoning ordinance on November 4, 2015. Please contact the Building Department for current zoning ordinance information. We are working to update the affected zoning ordinance information. We apologize for any inconvenience