Public NOTICE: Spraying for eradication of Phragmites

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Charter Township of Harrison

Notice of Treatment of Invasive Species
Spraying for eradication of Phragmites
The Charter Township of Harrison was successful in partnering with several other municipalities and securing a grant from the Department of Natural Resources for the purpose of treating Phragmites. Phragmites Australis is an invasive reed grass that can grow 14 feet tall. It displaces native grasses as well as wildlife. It can block drains, alter wetlands, and left untreated, spreads rapidly.
In order to control and hopefully eradicate this invasive species, we have contracted with Tri-County Aquatics, a state-licensed applicator, to spray specific areas of infestation. There will be two applications: September 18th – 21st and October 8th – 11th. These dates are ranges based on the need for proper weather conditions to allow for application. The product which will be applied is a mixture of Glyphosate and Imazapyr, with a non-ionic surfactant and marking dye added. The method and rate of application is per state standards and has been permitted through the State of Michigan.

There are several areas which will be treated:

1. The marsh area located at the entrance of the MacRay property
2. The median and both shoulder areas of Metro Parkway between Crocker and Prentiss
3. Sections of the Vanter de Beuff drain from Metro Parkway to Jefferson
4. Sections of the Harrison Relief drain between Beachwood Apartments and Maple Forest Condos
5. Sections of the Clinton-Roseville-Harrison Relief drain, west of I-94 and south of the Spillway
6. Sections of the east side of I-94 north of Crocker to Joy Blvd.
7. Sections of the I-94 North River Road on and off-ramp area
8. Sections of the land east of Prentiss and south of Metro Parkway
9. Sections of the Savan Drain south of Ashland and east of Coleridge
10. Detention pond northeast of Ashland and Nautical Lane

Questions or requests for additional information should be directed to the Office of the Supervisor, Charter Township of Harrison, 38151 L’Anse Creuse, Harrison Township, MI 48045 phone: (586) 466-1445.